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Indicator (TM)  and Indicator-G  (TM) 


Automated, bi-channel

SENSIA's Indicator machines are both automated dual channel SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) instrument devices that offer twelve different positions in the carousel, six per channel, allowing automated sequences take place, either for immobilization, or for tests.

They integrate the latest technological developments produced by SENSIA's R&D, together with the best broad of components available on the market (computer controlled pumps, valves, injection microfluidics, optics, upgradeable electronics, automation)  for an uncomparable reliability of use, and the smallest consumption of reagents and buffer volumes.

Thermalised, and with extreme sensitivity

The temperature in the Indicator machines is controlled via an air/air Peltier module  in order to deliver the highest available resolution via the finest temperature control system, showing  extreme unattained stability of the signals, with no drift, that allows hypersensitivity of the measurements, above usual conventional results of the technique, due to technological breakthroughs brought in the SPR technology.
Three temperatures of work are available and can be selected by the user: 20ºC, 24ºC, and 37ºC.
Graphene biosensing available...

 The Indicator-G can indifferently work with bare gold sensors, graphene coated gold sensors, silicagel coated gold sensors, and could also work with several other modified surfaces, with no displacement nor adjustment of the optical platform.

A range of sensor surfaces is available to customize your needs:
   - gold sensors
   - gold+graphene sensors, for new extreme sensitivities, with new strategies of binding based on the physical properties of graphene.

Nanoparticles and bacteria can be used:
the microfluidics conception enables their use with no clogging of the system, and easy cleaning of it by an automated procedure.

Easy to stabilize, silent

The Indicator machines can be switched off every evening, and only need 40 minutes when switched on  to enter into full stable equilibrium of the system for its posterior use. Their comfort of use also relies on silence for the user.

User-friendly, intuitive approach 

Their HMI (Human Machine  Interface)  has been conceived as a pure user friendly device with an intuitive functioning, for the total and most pleasant comfort of the user. Two screens allow the user full control of the machine.

Automated or manual, depending on your needs

They deliver both automated control and manual control, allowing on one hand full automation of immobilization protocols, and of routine control operations, and on the other hand “tailor made” operations, following on the screen the response of the biosensor and adopting the finest manual steps for the best and finest sensitivity of the user during subtle analysis.


Easily transportable, with no precaution, robustness

The Indicator devices weigh less than 30 kg, can be transported with no particular precaution in the boot of a car. Their robustness is unique.
They have been conceived to last very long, with no failures.
They open a new way to the flexibility of location that this kind of devices can offer.

Technical data:  


Indicator :  for gold biosensing,

Refractive index sensitivity: <0,0000001 with gold sensors

Indicator-G: for both gold and graphene biosensing.

Refractive index sensitivity: approx 0,0000000001 with graphene sensors combined with nanoparticles

Both machines present:

Measurement channels:

Thermostabilization possible at: 20ºC, 24ºC, and 37ºC.

Deviation from set temperature: <0,03ºC

Light source: laser, l = 650  nm

Volume of the loops: 60 microliters.

Power supply: 220V, 50/60 Hz,

Maximum current consumption: 700 mA

Overall dimensions of the device: 650mmx320mmx430mm

Weight: 28 kg

Computer connection: USB

Control and data processing software: Windows 7and 8

CE approved

Indicator and Indicator-G are Trade Marks of Sensia.








A powerful evaluation tool 

Results can be exported to TraceDrawer for detailed analysis, affinity/kinetic fitting, and report generation.
TraceDrawer is Sensia's preferred evaluation tool that is by construction and technology naturally linkeable to the Indicator.

TraceDrawer is a product of RidgeView Instruments AB.
For further information, please click on TraceDrawer.

Indicator-G  (TM) 



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